Optional Events 

TopsOrtho Women in Orthodontics Luncheon

Presented by Annalene Weston

Sponsored by:

Date: Saturday 21 March
Time: 1215 – 1315
Location: Cairns Convention Centre
Tickets: A$65.00 per person

Who cares for the carer?

There can be no doubt that the practice of dentistry carries with it stress and anxiety, but what does this look and feel like?  And, what steps can we take to recognise and manage it?

A positive look at the challenges of practice peppered with helpful solutions, let’s see how we can help ourselves (and each other).

Annalene Weston


A Cardiff graduate in 1999, Annalene completed her VT year and worked in general practice in the UK until emigrating in 2003. She has worked along the Eastern Seaboard practising in both the public and private sectors, and has added a Masters in Health Law from University of Sydney to her dental qualifications. Until recently Annalene was practising in Central Queensland and serving on the local HCC; however, she is now based in Brisbane and, in addition to her role with DPL, Annalene works part-time in a suburban dental practice.

3M Recent Graduates Breakfast

Presented by Michael Waycott

Sponsored by:

Date: Sunday 22 March
Time: 0730 – 0815
Location: Cairns Convention Centre
Tickets: A$45.00 per person

Setting my financial foundationswhat you need to know

The years that you spend training to become a dental professional are no doubt a big commitment in your life. And while you’re been devoting countless hours to learning the ins and outs of becoming an orthodontist, now that you’ve graduated, you’ll soon realise just how important forward financial planning is. By correctly setting your financial foundations today, you will be ensuring your financial goals are met for the future.

This workshop will demonstrate the best ways in which to keep your business structures, strategies and money matters as simple as possible – so that you can focus on growing your business and protecting your wealth.

With affiliated offices in every state working under the Bongiorno National Network, we can help you with your financial needs, regardless of where you live in Australia.

Michael Waycott


Michael has provided accounting and consulting services to the Dental and Medical Profession since 1998 and is a Director of the Bongiorno Group.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Business degree (Acct Major), is a member of the National Institute of Accountants (MNIA) and has attained the Diploma of Financial Services (FP) as well as holding his Cert IV FMB. 

 Michael has over many years presented to the dental profession who are starting out in practice right through to preparing for retirement.  He is also a regular speaker with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and the General Surgeons of Australia. Michael presents at various conference and workshops around Australia discussing topics pertaining to finance that are relevant to all dental and medical professionals.

Michael is well qualified to advise on the financial needs of his clients.